How to Widen Your Pelvis

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If you’re worried that your pelvis may be too small to accommodate your growing baby, there are a few things you can try to widen it.

You won’t just wake up one morning with wider hips, though — your hips will start to expand around weeks 10 to 12 of pregnancy, when the hormone relaxin loosens the muscles and ligaments to prepare for delivery.

Exercise, stretching and weight training are important for widening your pelvis. The key is to find a routine that works for you and stick with it. You can find a workout that helps stretch your muscles, such as the pelvic lift, or a stretching exercise like the butterfly stretch. 골반필러

For the pelvic lift, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms behind you and lean forward until you feel the stretch in your inner thighs and lower back, then hold for 30 seconds. Repeat two to three times on both sides.

A deep squat with support will also help to open your pelvis and promote lengthening of your pelvic floor muscles.

Face a chair, sofa, bed or other sturdy object and use your hands to support yourself as you slowly lower down into the squat. Try doing this a few times per day, and then work your way up to holding the position for longer periods of time.

Another simple exercise is to sit on the edge of a chair with your legs astride and one leg crossed over the other. You should feel a stretch in the buttock of the leg that is crossed over, and you can hold this for 30 seconds to a few minutes. This stretch is great for opening the upper mid-pelvis, where your baby begins their rotation into the pelvis.

Stress and fatigue are the biggest causes of weakened pelvic floor muscles, so it’s important to reduce your level of stress.

Exercise, meditation, listening to music, taking a hot bath or spending time with friends can all help reduce stress levels. It’s also important to eat well, as tired and hungry bodies are less able to cope with stress. 골반필러

If you’re battling workplace issues that are contributing to your stress, try talking to your manager about how you can manage your workload and any other concerns you may have.

You can also seek a counselling service to talk through your problems and get advice on how to tackle them.